Will Bitcoin Bloom Again?

Will Bitcoin Bloom Again?
Will Bitcoin Bloom Again?

By flourishing the value and price of Bitcoin in 2017, it seems that the primary investors in this market will continue working in the world of cryptocurrencies more hopefully; however, nothing proceeded according to the predictions and recession and lethargy attacked Bitcoin market and its peers. Can the future of this cryptocurrency be predicted? Is it possible for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to return their blooming period? If the answer is negative, which factors can play a role in returning cryptocurrencies to a notable point?

Will the World of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Stop?

The answer is surely negative. Every ten minutes or more, a new block is made in the Bitcoin network. In this short time, lofty amounts of asset will be moved from a spot in the world to another. The interesting point is that in order for such big transactions to be operationalized, just a nominal amount of fee is required. So despite the drop in cryptocurrencies value, we still witness mining Bitcoin, forming international trades and the activity of cryptocurrencies.

Will Investors Say Goodbye to the Cryptocurrencies?

The answer to this question is again negative. Always when the prices drop, those buyers who have sought such opportunity step forward for the future investment. It is obvious that those who have similar opinions and are awaiting investment in the world of Bitcoin or Ethereum will not leave the current market of cryptocurrencies and get engaged in buying cryptocurrencies and activity in this field. It is the best time to enter a world wherein the possibility of its growth and bloom will be proposed with an ideal speed. 
The degree of public awareness about cryptocurrencies has grown more than before, and it is not in the hand of the experts who practically and meticulously understand the world of cryptocurrencies. Now the mainstream have entered this area too, and the reputation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become clearer and more positive after hearing the news about using Bitcoin for purchase in retailers. In spite of raising public awareness about cryptocurrencies and new technologies such as Blockchain, the activity of the mainstream in the world of cryptocurrencies can be observed.

To What Extent Is the Future of Bitcoin Dependent on the Countries’ Rules?

If it is the case that Bitcoin and its peers reach blooming and prosperous days, there should be some factors to support and accompany them. One of these factors is the governments. Through legally accepting cryptocurrencies the governments will succeed in a win-win trade. The governments will allocate tax to cryptocurrencies and they, as a result, will live in a healthier and more regulated ecosystem. For example, in Canada, many Bitcoin transactions are done which can be facilitated through governmental and legal supports.
Advertisements and informing is another way to help blooming cryptocurrencies. The investors’ support for different projects which are conducted in the Blockchain platform and cryptocurrencies get engaged in them is another factor which causes the growth of investment in cryptocurrencies. 

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