Threatening Messages for Messari CEO, after Ripple Cryptocurrency Analysis Report, Got Out

Threatening Messages for Messari CEO, after Ripple Cryptocurrency Analysis Report, Got Out
Threatening Messages for Messari CEO, after Ripple Cryptocurrency Analysis Report, Got Out

Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, which works in the field of analyzing and evaluating cryptocurrencies, said in a Twitter post that after his critical cryptocurrency analysis report about Ripple (XRP), he has received threatening messages. After referring to the police, he posted another tweet and with respect to his previous twitter post, called this matter a childish harassment.
Ripple is an open source distributed payment network, and also the name of a cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency was introduced back in 2012.
Messari claimed on January 24, last year that the value of Ripple cryptocurrency is perhaps billions of dollars more than what it actually is in the market. The company said that it had attained the information used in its analyses from intermediary cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers. Ryan Selkis wrote on his Twitter account following the publication of this report that he had been threatened via a phone call by an anonymous person:
“someone called me with the area code of Nashville, Tennessee, and reminded my wife’s birthday to me; then threatened my family before hanging up.”
Following this tweet, Selkis published the report of receiving two more threatening messages, and accused heads of Ripple, including Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, David Schwartz, its senior technology manager, and Monica Long, its senior marketing manager, of threatening his family.
He expressed that these threats are from the Ripple family:
“I want to sue the company Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, Monica Long, Cory Johnson, David Schwartz, and members of Ripple family for threatening my family. After receiving three threatening messages, and to ensure that no harm will come to my family, I went to the FBI and local police. I will not return home until this matter is publically announced.”
After referring to the police to report the harassing phone calls he had received, he posted another tweet and stressed that these phone calls have nothing to do with the Ripple family:
“I am in the police station. These calls were probably childish harassment.”
When this tweet was posted, no Ripple family manager or employee responded to it. Messari and its CEO made no comments in this regard either. However, the Ripple research center responded to this post on its Twitter account, and demanded an apology from Ryan Selkis:
“Are you going to formally apologize for accusing five members of Ripple family of threatening your family, when you had no witness or evidence to prove your claim? I hope you have the courage to stand by what you said.”
Ripple announced in its 2018 fourth-quarter report that Ripple token sales have decreased compared to that of the third quarter in the same year. During that time Ripple has sold $129 million’s worth of tokens; while its sales have been $163 million in the third quarter.
According to data by CoinMarketCap, currently the value of Ripple is less than $13 billion in the market, and with respect to the market value, it is in second place after Bitcoin.