Tesla Has Sold 75% of Its BTC Reserve

Tesla Has Sold 75% of Its BTC Reserve

  • Tesla has sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings in the second quarter of this year. “Coin Desk”

  • Shiba enters into a partnership with The Third Floor, the company known for working on Marvel blockbusters. “U Today”

  • Finland sold its hoard of confiscated Bitcoins. “Bloomberg”

  • Alien World, Sandbox, and many other platforms have founded the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web 3. “Coin Telegraph”

  • COPA was launched in 2020 to pool Blockchain and crypto patents into one library to ensure open access to technologies. “Coin Telegraph”

  • The South Korean government has postponed the 20% tax on crypto gains to come into effect in 2025. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Coinbase stock is on the rise. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Ethereum outflows from the crypto exchanges at a record breaking pace amid unexpected price surge. “U Today”

  • Monero is at 25% price increase in the last 7 days and successfully dodges the correction that pushed the majority of crypto into red zone. “U Today”

  • ADA runs out of buyers near technical support despite Cardano’s looming hard fork. “Coin Telegraph”