SEC Accedes to Ripple's Request

SEC Accedes to Ripple's Request

  • Uniglo (with the ticker GLO) DeFi token launches to compete with Shiba and Dogecoin. “U Today”

  • SEC accedes to Ripple’s request. “U Today”

  • In the past 24 hours, Ethereum was the worst performing crypto out of the top ten largest coins. “Bitcoin News”

  • NFT marketplace X2Y2 radically adjusts fees policy. “U Today”

  • Singapore’s central bank sends crypto companies a questionnaire ahead of new regulations. “Bitcoin News”

  • Rico, a Brazilian brokerage firm, has announced it is expanding its portfolio of operations to include crypto services for the next year. “Bitcoin News”

  • Authorities in Afghanistan go after crypto exchange under a ban imposed on online Forex trading. “Bitcoin News”

  • Bitcoin falls to 20,230 dollars, getting closer to 20K once again. “U Today”