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MIT Professor Does Not Believe in the Security of Blockchain

In order to find out whether Blockchain is really secure or not, we need to hear the views of its proponents and opponents simultaneously....


The Price of Bitcoin Passed $9,000

Today morning the price of Bitcoin passed the threshold of $9,200 which is considered a considerable growth compared to previous days.


Blockchain and New Solutions for Promissory Notes

The process of lending, loan and issuing commercial documents is complex and has a long life cycle and many stages. In order for this...


A Look at the Protocols in the Blockchain Technology

The blockchain protocol is a common term for the methods and rules that are agreed upon. These methods are actually different systems...


Blockchain Leaders Should Address the Humanitarian Aspects...

One of the technologies that can show very positive results in this world is the Blockchain technology. Blockchain is considered a...


Instant Messaging and Blockchain Technology

Social networks and messengers are altered along with the storm of new technologies such as Blockchain. Developing and designing messengers...


Cryptocurrencies and the Lesson Venezuela Gave to the World

It seems that the Petro project of Venezuela has failed because even if there were no news of exploitation in the infrastructure of...


Privacy in Blockchain Technology

Anonymity and privacy are not just an advantage for Blockchain users. In case the users’ digital asset is lost due to cyber accidents,...


What Is the Blockchain Ecosystem?

Blockchain is a decentralized system that is not controlled by a third part. It has different types and each is designed for a specific...