One-Minute Crypto News – May 18, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – May 18, 2022

  • The co-founder of Doge has said that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies in the market are scams. “U Today”

  • North Korea uses its IT workers to generate revenue for its weapons development programs. “U Today”

  • The Portugal minister of finance stated: “I do not want to commit myself to a date at this moment, but we will adapt our legislation and our taxation for crypto.” “Bitcoin News”

  • 7 billion dollars Tether withdrawn in two days, but USDT is fully backed. “U Today”

  • India’s central bank has expressed concerns that cryptocurrencies could lead to the dollarization of part of the Indian economy. “Bitcoin News”

  • The founder of Terra wants to revive this currency. “U Today”

  • The Indian regulator has proposed banning public figures, including celebrities and sportsmen from endorsing crypto products. “Bitcoin News”

  • Coinbase has rolled out yet another product this month. Now some users can access Dapps on Ethereum through the new browser feature of this exchange. “Coin Telegraph”

  • G7 finance chiefs will discuss new crypto regulations this week. “U Today”

  • Ethereum network fees have dropped a great deal this week to just under 10 dollars per transaction. “Bitcoin News”