One-Minute Crypto News – May 07, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – May 07, 2022

  • A copy paste error led to the transfer of 36 million dollars to the wrong address. “U Today”

  • After the fall of Bitcoin to under 37,000 dollars, Peter Schiff has said that the whole crypto industry will be exposed as mal-investment. “U Today”

  • Scammers hacked the main OpenSea discord and started publishing fake announcements. “U Today”

  • Authorities in Georgia are holding talks with industry players on a new crypto bill. “Bitcoin News”

  • Solana sees biggest daily loss among top 10. “AMB Crypto”

  • The famous rapper and entrepreneur Ice Cube has declared his support for Dogecoin. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Three co-founders of BitMEX have been ordered to pay a total of 30 million dollars in violation of CFTC regulations. “Coin Telegraph”

  • The founder of Sky Bridge believes that the next president of the US will have a lot to say about crypto. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Marshall Wace is building out a team that invests in Blockchain related companies. “Bloomberg Crypto”

  • Paraguay’s central bank is prepared to keep raising borrowing costs if the inflation continuous. “Bloomberg Crypto”