One-Minute Crypto News – June 13, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – June 13, 2022

  • The founder of Terra LUNA denies cashing out LUNA and UST for USDT before the crash. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Lithuanian government approves anti-money laundering amendments affecting the crypto sector. “Bitcoin News”

  • The Indian government’s economic advisor has said we may not be fully aware about the forces of the crypto market that we are unleashing ourselves. “Bitcoin News”

  • BTC price analysis: if buyers cannot seize the support, a sharp drop to 27,000 dollars can be expected. “U Today”

  • Dogecoin millionaire admits he was an exception but has not sold any Doge. “U Today”

  • Doge cofounder criticizes the view of some investors on the nature of digital assets, saying it is nothing but marketing. “U Today”

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are set for another plunge, according to famous crypto and Bitcoin price critic, Peter Schiff. “U Today”

  • Nano Labs, mining chips producer, files with the SEC for IPO on Nasdaq. “U Today”

  • Shib utility expands as Shiba whales’ number of active addresses rises by 44 percent. “U Today”

  • Much like most other altcoins, Shiba is not able to increase in value. “U Today”