One-Minute Crypto News – April 30, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – April 30, 2022

  • Tesla loses 170 billion dollars in market capitalization since Musk’s twitter deal. “”

  • Panama joins the club of countries with crypto regulation as it just passed the vote and it’s only awaiting president’s signature to become a law. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Singapore’s DBS bank says institutional and accredited crypto remain its focus, but does not rule out a future retail desk. “Coin Desk”

  • GMT and APE have become the most profitable assets from the top 100 of assets by capitalization. “U Today”

  • Swiss central bank does not believe Bitcoin can be reserve currency. “U Today”

  • Finland selects brokers to sell 75 million dollars’ worth of confiscated cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin News”

  • Blockchain real estate platform PropyInc partners with Abra Global to allow customers to obtain home loans using their crypto holdings. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Three Arrow Capital is moving its headquarters from Singapore to Dubai. “Coin Desk”

  • The well-known whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed in a video he took part in the Zcash creation ceremony. “Bitcoin News”

  • German based app One Football just raised 300 million dollars to grow its Web 3 presence. “Coin Telegraph”