One-Minute Crypto News – April 23, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – April 23, 2022

  • First Dogecoin transaction sent without internet. “U Today”

  • National bank of Ukraine restricts cross-border crypto purchases with local currency. “Bitcoin News”

  • Regulating crypto is certainly on the agenda for India, said the IMF official. “Bitcoin News”

  • Tesla is hodling Bitcoin. The company’s balance sheet shows crypto assets worth 1.261 billion dollars. “Bitcoin News”

  • Binance has managed to recover some funds stolen from Axie Infinity by North Korean hackers. “U Today”

  • Panama’s legislative assembly has approved a bill regulating the use of cryptocurrencies. “Coin Desk”

  • 1 in 3 people in Nigeria has owned or used Bitcoin and crypto. “CNBC”

  • Days before the French presidential election, Emanuel Macron has talked about digital assets regulation and the digital Euro. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Bitcoin will definitely go under 30 thousand dollars again in the near future and those who are buying at the current dip will surely regret it. “Mr. Whale”

  • An American crypto mining company is trying to quickly liquidate 30 million dollars’ worth of equipment in Siberia since the US sanctions against Russia are continuing.