One-Minute Crypto News – April 19, 2022

One-Minute Crypto News – April 19, 2022

  • Pooyan Ghamari, the founder of Swiss company Counos Platform, has said in response to Elon Musk that Counos can build up a decentralized messaging system as explained in Counos Bit and is ready to help him to create a real decentralized messaging system. “Twitter - @GhamariPooyan”

  • The U.S. treasury department has tied the North Korean hacker group Lazarus to the more than $600 million hack of Axie Infinity platform. “Bloomberg Crypto”

  • Increased whale activity made Shiba the most used smart contract among the 2000 largest Ethereum wallets. “U Today”

  • Opera released a beta version of its Web 3 browser with a built-in crypto wallet on Friday for iOS devices. “Coin Telegraph”

  • The Iranian government wants to ramp up its ongoing crackdown on illegal crypto mining. “U Today”

  • South Korean company Hyundai has partnered with the Meta Kongz NFT project to create a limited collection of 30 NFTs launching sometime in May 2022. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Github has suspended over a dozen accounts of Russian developers associated with organizations sanctioned by the U.S. treasury. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Those in Iran using subsidized energy to mine crypto can now face jail time. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Russian lawmakers are considering introducing new criminal liabilities for the anonymous use of noncustodial wallets and refusing to provide keys to authorities. “Coin Telegraph”

  • London based crypto exchange EXMO is selling its user bases in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Coin Desk”