Mastercard Funds 7 Blockchain Startups

Mastercard has announced that it intends to further its digital currency acceleration program.

Xbit Project Brings Blockchain to Online Gaming

Xbit Project offers a Blockchain-based platform for online gaming, including a cryptocurrency, Xbit Coin, and an online casino.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops Again

Bitcoin mining difficulty has decreased once more, making it a total of four time only during the past couple of months.

$390 Million Binance Tokens Burned

In its 16th round of burning, Binance has burned more than $390 M worth of its tokens.

Send Crypto Like a Pro with Counos Web Wallet

The new version of Counos Web Wallet has been released. Other than more coins and tokens, this version gives users the power and privacy...

Good News for iPhone Users!

Counos Mobile Wallet has released a new version for iOS devices. Now, iPhone users can enjoy many amazing new features of this wallet.

Twitter Says No to Ethereum

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is not a big fan of Ethereum. He keeps rejecting this coin and ever purchasing it.

Blockchain Security Protocols Need to be Updated

The threats of the Blockchain world are on the rise. What are the possible solutions? What can we do to keep ourselves safe?

United Nations Wants Blockchain to Battle Climate Change

The UN has proposed a plan to use the Blockchain technology to battle the global warming and climate change.

2 Million People in UK Own Crypto

The number of British people who own crypto is on the rise. The latest estimate shows the number to be more then 2 million people.

G7 Brings Good Tidings for Green Fintech

The latest G7 summit, which took place in United Kingdom, has brought some good tidings for the future of fintech. And it's a green...

Trump Calls Bitcoin a Scam

Donald J. Trump has called Bitcoin a scam, and has asked for the hegemony of U.S. dollar.

Ransomware; a Downside of Cryptocurrencies?

Is there a relationship between increased ransomware attacks and the rise of cryptocurrencies?

Australians Are to Report Crypto Profits

According to the Australian Tax Office, more than 600,000 Aussies are involved in the crypto market. However, it's time to pay the...

Microsoft Will Secretly Shut Down Azure Blockchain

After years of experimentation with Blockchain technology, Microsoft has finally decided to shut down its Blockchain network, Azure.

Bahrain's Central Bank and JPMorgan Will Collaborate On...

Bahrain's Central Bank anticipates that its digital currency partnership with JPMorgan and Bank ABC would lead to the establishment...