Xbit Fully Analyzed

Every aspect of Xbit project has been analyzed to see whether their claims are true or not.

NFT Is Riskier Investment than Crypto; Report Says

A recent research has investigated the world of NFTs, and the results indicate that investment in them is riskier than investment...

Latest Version of Counos X on GitHub

The newest version of Counos X has been uploaded on the GitHub of Counos Platform.

Miners Have Gained $600 Million in Bitcoin

Bitcoin miners have been able to accumulate a huge sum of money in the past six months. In this article we will take a look at this...

European Union Is Investing $177 Billion in Blockchain

The European Union has decided to spent a huge sum of money, equal to 177 billion dollars on the Blockchain technology.

El Salvador Purchases Its First Bitcoin

El Salvador has purchased its first officially sanctioned Bitcoins as part of a move to make Bitcoin legal tender.

Cuba Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Cuba is about to become another country to officially accept digital currencies.

Xbit Coin; How to Buy?

In this article we will take a deeper look into Xbit and provide more details about it, including how to buy, the wallet, and applications.

Can DeFi Be Hacked?

DeFi, or decentralized finance, can be vulnerable to cyber attacks? What are the reasons and how can safety be assured?

A Future Built on NFTs

The future of ownership is going to be completely different. Analysts predict that it is going to be built fully on NFTs.

Blockchain's Billion Dollar Identity Industry

The identity management sector is growing rapidly year by year. What role will Blockchain play in this market?

Mastercard Funds 7 Blockchain Startups

Mastercard has announced that it intends to further its digital currency acceleration program.

Xbit Project Brings Blockchain to Online Gaming

Xbit Project offers a Blockchain-based platform for online gaming, including a cryptocurrency, Xbit Coin, and an online casino.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops Again

Bitcoin mining difficulty has decreased once more, making it a total of four time only during the past couple of months.

$390 Million Binance Tokens Burned

In its 16th round of burning, Binance has burned more than $390 M worth of its tokens.

Send Crypto Like a Pro with Counos Web Wallet

The new version of Counos Web Wallet has been released. Other than more coins and tokens, this version gives users the power and privacy...