KuCoin Denies Exposure to LUNA

KuCoin Denies Exposure to LUNA

  • Crypto exchange KuCoin has denied having exposure to LUNA tokens. “Coin Desk”

  • Tether claims that it doesn’t hold any Chinese commercial paper. “U Today”

  • Coinbase stock is back in dangerous sell-off territory after a series of bad news. “Coin Telegraph”

  • South Korean prosecutors prohibit several Terra managers from leaving the country. “U Today”

  • Bloktopia Metaverse offers a unique experience that allows users to both learn and earn. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Russian government prepares legislation to regulate non-fungible tokens. “Bitcoin News”

  • According to a recent survey, most investors have not sold their cryptocurrencies. “U Today”

  • F1 teams decide not display crypto related logos due to ambiguity in Frances’ regulation on publicity. “Coin Telegraph”

  • A report claims the crypto exchange Kraken is under investigation for allegedly violating US sanctions. “Bitcoin News”

  • Mark Cuban has warned that the US SEC will come up with token registration rules that will be the nightmare for the crypto industry. “Bitcoin News”