How to Get a Free Counos Coin Cryptocurrency?

Counos cryptocurrency will give all users a free Counos Coin only by installing the wallet app and registering it and also will give out prizes in various lotteries.

How to Get a Free Counos Coin Cryptocurrency?
How to Get a Free Counos Coin Cryptocurrency?

Counos cryptocurrency will give all users a free Counos Coin only by installing the wallet app and registering it and also will give out prizes in various lotteries.
Counos Coin is one of the coins of the Counos platform that operates in the global crypto market. It seems that this cryptocurrency has the needed capacity to grow quickly and repeat the history of Bitcoin. Today, with a look at the past and the things that have happened during these years, we all know that Bitcoin got from less than 1 dollar in 2010 to about 10,000 dollars in the current year. A growth that seems no other asset and investment in the world has reached due to HODLing and keeping.

What Is Counos Looking for with the Public Offering of This Coin?

By fairly dividing the available assets, Counos Coin wants to offer the opportunity to make money via investment in the crypto world for everybody. Imagine today you were in the situation of Bitcoin’s 2010, if you today also had a cryptocurrency with a low price like Bitcoin, the possibility of you becoming rich until a couple years later is not far-fetched. Now imagine in order to have this cheap and promising cryptocurrency, there is no need to incur any costs. Would you miss out on this opportunity?
According to the recommendation of Warren Buffet, “only buy something that if the market went out of business for 10 years you can keep it with ease of mind.”

In order to encourage users ever more to enter the crypto world, Counos platform divides about 90 percent of its Counos Coins freely among users. This leads to a very strong community to support and use Counos Coin and gives realization to the motto of distribution that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin emphasize on. Also, in order for you to join the companions of Counos Coin, there is no need for a hard endeavor, and only by installing an app known as the Counos Mobile wallet you can get your free coin.
On the other hand, it is better to consider this point that the Counos platform offers other coins and services to its users other than Counos Coin. Services like escrow, crypto exchange, paper wallet, and payment gateway.
Also, Counos Coin is offered in different crypto exchanges such as Graviex or Southexchange. The volume of trades and the transactions registered on Counos Coin during this time shows that enthusiasm of the public toward this offering, and you can see the growth line and graphs related to it in the analytical reports by exchanges like Southexchange or Coingecko.
In order to find out about the active transactions of Counos Coin and reviewing this information you can see the real-time information via this link.
In the following in order to find out how you can get Counos Coin gift a tutorial video about the simple installment of Counos mobile wallet and getting the free coin via the Counos platform has been prepared and published.
The video that you can watch in the following is an easy tutorial as a guide to install the Counos wallet and getting the free coin:



As you saw in the video above, in order to get the free Counos Coin you need to first download and install the Counos Mobile Wallet app on your phone from application markets. The rest of the steps are about registering that only require information such as your full name, a valid email address, and password. It has not been hard so far, has it?

After registering in the wallet, you will be able to receive and send a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and coins of Counos platform. In the app, enter Counos Coin and click on Receive, then you can see your own exclusive address. Click on Copy and copy the address for other steps.
After registering in the Counos Mobile wallet, you need to verify your email. Go to your inbox and open the email from Counos. In there, click on the verification link and make your registration in Counos final. Now is the turn for the interesting step of getting the coin.

Go to Counos website at and in the middle of the page in the section Claim Your Free Counos Coin click on Try It. In the new page you need to enter the information you submitted while registering in the Counos wallet. In the Address put in the Counos Coin address you copied earlier. After clicking on Get Your Free Coin, your address and information are registered. The final step is about confirming the information, and after that a Counos Coin will be added to your wallet. But the story is not over yet.










As we mentioned, Counos holds periodical lotteries as well. In order to be part of these lotteries, you only need to have one Counos Coin in your wallet. Now you have a coin and with this free coin you will be entered in the lottery as well. The lotteries take place in periods of 6 months and 3 years. Once every 6 months there is a $10,000 lottery and once every 3 years there is $100,000 lottery. As a result, with one free registration, you will have the chance to win dollar prizes.
Counos Support Team has released different tutorial videos like the one above in its Youtube and Aparat channels, and by following these channels you can find out about the next programs of this platform, or you can be in contact with the Counos Support Team via the email
To enter the registration page for the lottery and getting a free Counos Coin click here.