Harmony Blockchain Network Hacked

Harmony Blockchain Network Hacked

  • UniSwap remains the most popular decentralized crypto exchange. “U Today”

  • Harmony protocol has suffered a massive hack. “U Today”

  • The director of the European Central Bank has said decentralized and crypto assets have the potential to pose risks to financial stability. “Bitcoin News”

  • The US administration has tasked the SEC to be very tough with regard to crypto regulations. “Coin Telegraph”

  • So far in 2022, more than 1 billion dollars have been stolen from crypto firms. “Forbes”

  • Despite the volatilities in the crypto market, small to medium-sized enterprises are still positive about adopting crypto payments. “Coin Telegraph”

  • A top executive at Block Rock, world’s biggest asset management company, has praised the Blockchain technology in recent interview. “U Today”

  • Swiss financial watchdog urges regulators to protect investors from abusive crypto market. “Bitcoin News”

  • A New bill proposed in the Russian parliament seeks to fine crypto exchanges and investment platforms that are not registered. “Bitcoin News”

  • Celsius network is reportedly preparing for a possible bankruptcy filing. “U Today”