ETH Miners Have 260,000 ETH in Their Addresses

ETH Miners Have 260,000 ETH in Their Addresses

  • Dogecoin team dispels myth about whale who controls almost 30 percent of total Dogecoin supply. “U Today”

  • The balance of Ethereum miner addresses exceeded 260,000 ETH valued at over 415 million dollars. “Coin Telegraph”

  • More institutional investors have started ditching crypto in Hong Kong, according to a recent survey. “U Today”

  • EU lawmakers today voted against plans to probe the environmental impact of crypto mining. “Coin Desk”

  • Georgia is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. The government is now preparing the legal framework to become a hub for digital assets. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty jumped about 10 percent higher. “Bitcoin News”

  • The Eurozone hits a record 9.1 percent inflation amidst the ongoing Ukraine crisis. Energy, gas, and food prices have skyrocketed across the region. “Coin Telegraph”

  • South Korea’s Blockchain city Busan seals deal with FTX to develop its Busan digital asset exchange. “Coin Telegraph”