Does Starbucks Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Does Starbucks Accept Bitcoin Payments?
Does Starbucks Accept Bitcoin Payments?

While different businesses are hesitant about using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their payment system, the coffee chain Starbucks is attempting to analyze the necessary facilities for using Bitcoin in their payments. Apparently, Starbucks will unveil a system that buyers can purchase coffee with their Bitcoin through that. These payment services will first begin working in America, and then after analyses, it is possible that they will be widespread in all Starbucks branches.

A Happy News for Bitcoin Lovers

Fans and lovers of Bitcoin dream about this cryptocurrency being widespread enough to be used for different daily transactions. It is obvious that if Starbucks implements Bitcoin, the dream of it being widespread gets one step close to reality. Even though during the recent years the general awareness of different cryptocurrencies has grown, but still many people are unaware of many of its aspects and applications and don’t know that these cryptocurrencies are able to replace paper money. The view on Bitcoin and its counterparts are more an opportunity for investment. This incomplete view has harmed cryptocurrencies in these years. In other words, their use as a normal replacement for paper money is affected by this view. Starbucks can play an important role in changing the view toward the application of Bitcoin by accepting this cryptocurrency.

Starbucks and Cryptocurrencies

However, is it possible to eliminate all payment mediums and accept Bitcoin from Starbucks? It appears that such a thing cannot happen. In fact, Starbucks will not be using cryptocurrencies directly. It seems that these chain stores will use a medium gateway between themselves and Bitcoin to make payments. One of the reasons Starbucks does not yet fully believe in eliminating these mediums between itself and cryptocurrencies for payments is the fear it feels may come from the security holes in the world of cryptocurrencies. Direct acceptance of Bitcoin is an extremely revolutionary and dangerous move, and Starbucks will most likely not greenlight it.
This famous global brand has frequently announced that it is optimistic toward cryptocurrencies, but it requires time to implement them without a medium and directly. However, Starbucks wants to create an infrastructure for those who want to spend their cryptocurrencies.
Starbuck’s being a pioneer in welcoming cryptocurrencies is a very positive step toward developing their application. However, the critics of this plan believe that if this brand uses indirect methods and mediums for accepting Bitcoin as the payment for its products, it will not help the presence and growth of cryptocurrencies in the consumer market. These people are completely unaware of the role of media and ads that revolve around making the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies widespread. Nevertheless, with the help of big brands such as Starbucks, the public opinion about cryptocurrencies will change.