Do You Know Elon Musk’s Favorite Cryptocurrency?

Do You Know Elon Musk’s Favorite Cryptocurrency?
Do You Know Elon Musk’s Favorite Cryptocurrency?

Elon Musk is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the field of technology. Different achievements he has obtained in entrepreneurship and technology has turned him into one of the most important people in the world. Elon Musk has proclaimed DOGE as his favorite cryptocurrency in his new remark, and this news caused a new wave of happiness among dogecoin fans. In the past few days, dogecoin tweeter account has published a piece of news about searching for a new proper CEO to carry out the project and suggested famous people such as Vitalik Buterin, and Marshall Hayner, Charlie Lee and of course Elon Musk. Elon Musk’s consent besides his advocacy of dogecoin shows the high probability of forming a cooperation.

Dogecoin and a Tweeter Survey

In a tweeter survey which was conducted by dogecoin user account, Elon Musk has been recognized as the best for the position of heading the projects to be done by dogecoin with winning 54% of the votes and although Mask hasn’t spoken about accepting this suggestion, in his new remarks he has said that dogecoin is considered his interesting and favorite cryptocurrency. This remark by famous Tesla’s CEO is a little strange since, in recent days, there was a bullish market in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Elon Musk had admired Bitcoin before and recognized it as an excellent and growing technology.

Changes in Cryptocurrencies Market

These commotions and news about dogecoin will lead to some changes in the value and price of dogecoin cryptocurrency. Of course, these changes in the cryptocurrencies market cannot be trusted in, because they are due to the news and creating an atmosphere in cryptocurrencies market and cannot cause any steady and stable evolution. It is worth mentioning that Elon Musk had frequently made all hopeful about his cooperation with Bitcoin after his admirations for Bitcoin. However, it didn’t occur. Anyway, no matter which cryptocurrency Elon Musk is drawn to, the people’s attention to this market can cause its bloom. Many investors will be drawn to cryptocurrencies after confirmations and admirations by remarkable entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk. 
It is not still clear whether Elon Musk and dogecoin will cooperate or no, but Mask has spoken about cryptocurrencies as an appealing technology which can alter the world seriously and fundamentally. 
Mask believes that using cryptocurrencies is much more functional and valuable than moving banknotes for different trades in the world. Elon Musk’s cooperation with Dogecoin and his engagement in the world of cryptocurrencies show that big companies such as Tesla, are gradually preparing to use cryptocurrencies in their investments and activities and this is very good news for the activists in the area of cryptocurrencies. Investment and entrepreneurship giants can make the world of cryptocurrencies more credible and famous.

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