Daily News – April 2, 2022

Daily News – April 2, 2022

  • The European Parliament has voted to ban all anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.


  • Recording Academy has partnered with the renowned crypto exchange Binance for the 2022 Grammy Awards.



  • India will frame a legislation for cryptocurrencies only after a global consensus emerges on regulating such assets.


  • 550,000 dollars’ worth of NFTs have been stolen from the Taiwanese pop super star by scammers.



  • Authorities in Japan are mulling over tougher crypto rules to prevent Russia from evading sanctions.


  • Vitalik Buterin explains why Bitcoin community is more “hostile and toxic” than others and why there is nothing wrong with that.



  • Doge Hashrate and mining difficulty remain high, which indicates that investors are still interested in the first memecoin on the market.


  • Biden’s administration’s 2023 tax policy includes many key changes for crypto traders and investors.



  • Solana is in the third place by total NFT transaction volume.


  • S. senator Elizabeth Warren believes that there is nothing that backs Bitcoin up. Some believe that she has mistaken Bitcoin with U.S. dollar.