Cristiano Ronaldo & Binance Sign NFT Contract

Cristiano Ronaldo & Binance Sign NFT Contract

  • The US Justice Department announced criminal charges against a person involved with Baller Ape Club NFTs over 130-million-dollar scheme. “Bloomberg”

  • The SEC rejected Gray Scale’s bid to convert its Bitcoin investment product into an ETF. “Bloomberg”

  • The CFTC charged South African Bitcoin mining pool, Mirror Trading International with 1.7-billion-dollar fraud. “Coin Desk”

  • Mexican senator has introduced a bill to amend the current monetary laws of the country and make Bitcoin a legal tender. “Bitcoin News”

  • Inactive Bitcoin wallets from 2010 have once again become active. “Bitcoin News”

  • Solana successfully starts a new month by avoiding any type of downtime or other technical issue. “U Today”

  • In spite of massive market correction, Coinbase intends to continue its European expansion. “U Today”

  • NFT sales have managed to stay consistent this week while the crypto market saw more losses. “Bitcoin News”

  • Despite miner profits sliding, Bitcoin’s hash rate remains high between 180 and 261 exa hash per second. “Bitcoin News”

  • Cristiano Ronaldo signed a multi-year NFT contract with Binance. “Coin Telegraph”