Coinbase Posted $1.1 Billion Loss

Coinbase Posted $1.1 Billion Loss
  • The Celsius network is in hot water with California regulators who have issued a desist and refrain order to stop their offering in the state. “Coin Telegraph”

  • NASCAR unveils its first race car with a Cardano theme. “U Today”

  • South Korean social networking giant Zepeto has released its own Metaverse called ZepetoX. “Coin Desk”

  • Nigeria has shown the most interest in cryptocurrencies compared to any other country since the digital assets began to decline in April. “Bloomberg Crypto”

  • Ripple could potentially buy up distressed assets from Celsius Network. “U Today”

  • Singapore regulators reiterate that dealing with crypto is “highly hazardous.” “Bloomberg Crypto”

  • Iran has placed its first official import order worth $10 million using cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin News”

  • Elon Musk sells 6.88 billion dollars’ worth of Tesla shares.

  • Ripple has asked the court to reject SEC’s objections. “U Today”

  • Coinbase posted a 1.1-billion-dollar loss this year. “Bloomberg”