Bitcoin Loses $20K Support Once Again

Bitcoin Loses $20K Support Once Again

  • Tax on income you never earned? It’s possible after Ethereum Merge took place this month. “Coin Telegraph”

  • UFC fighter El Ninja to become the first Argentinian athlete fully paid in crypto. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Chinese crypto billionaire is setting up a $250 million fund to buy distressed assets from Bitcoin miners. “Bloomberg Crypto”

  • US Federal Reserve chairman wants appropriate regulation in place before the next crypto and DeFi bull market takes off. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Central and commercial banks from Hong Kong, Thailand, China, and UAE have just concluded a month-long CBDC pilot which has been marked successful. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Bitcoin has once again lost its $20K support level. “Coin Telegraph”

  • CEO of Japan’s leading banking group endorses Ripple’s partnership expansion. “U Today”

  • The top 10 cryptocurrencies all saw losses over the period, with XRP leading the pack with over 10.58 percent. “Crypto Slate”