About 2 Million Wallets Own Shiba

About 2 Million Wallets Own Shiba

  • Elon Musk being sued for $258 Billion over his support for Dogecoin. “Coin Telegraph”

  • MATIC is the newest target of the crypto market whales. “U Today”

  • 2 quadrillion Baby Dogecoin tokens burned in the past 24 hours. “U Today”

  • Authorities in Albania to start taxing crypto-related income in 2023. “Bitcoin News”

  • Goldman Sachs getting ready to purchase Celsius for 2 billion dollars if it goes bankrupt. “Coin Desk”

  • The total value locked or TVL across the entire DeFi ecosystem has risen 7 percent in the last five days. “Bitcoin News”

  • JP Morgan believes that Bitcoin miner sales may continue to pressure the token’s price. “Bloomberg”

  • Shiba now up nearly 50 percent in the last week. “Bitcoin News”

  • Ethereum moves into the $1200 region to start the weekend. “Bitcoin News”

  • Total number of Shiba holders has come close to 2 million wallets. “U Today”