A Look at the Most Famous Bitcoin Trades in the World

A Look at the Most Famous Bitcoin Trades in the World
A Look at the Most Famous Bitcoin Trades in the World

Even though Bitcoin has had a lot of turbulence during its short lifetime, but it cannot be denied that it had the capacity to become a grand and adventurous currency. In this short amount of time that cryptocurrencies have been in the world, we have seen a lot of weird and interesting stories and events regarding Bitcoin trades. In the following, we will talk about the most controversial Bitcoin trades and transactions.

Bitcoin and Two Boxes of Pizza

In its early presence, Bitcoin was used in a transaction for two pizzas. Can you believe it? In 2010, someone paid 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. It means an amount of 25 dollars was paid for pizza that year. Now if that guy would have held on to his Bitcoins, he would be able to sell them for about $70 million in 2017. Isn’t it interesting? How would you feel if you were in his shoes?

Buying Cars with Bitcoin

These days, the billionaires who are active in the crypto market buy cars, personal jets, and other devices and goods with their digital asset. However, one of the first Bitcoin trades in this area was done in 2013, which is when a car lover paid $103,000 or 91 Bitcoins to purchase a Tesla S car.

Booking Travel with Bitcoin

In January 2014 a private company accepted the payment of a customer seeking to travel by jet in the form of Bitcoin. However, what is interesting is that neither the guy who booked the travel, who happens to be a famous entrepreneur, and neither the travel company divulged the amount of Bitcoin. The amount remains a mystery between the two parties.


The world of economy and investment has a lot of ups and downs. No one knows the future of what they are investing in. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying and selling real estate or investing in the stock exchange. Currently, you should know that the future of markets cannot be predicted precisely at all. So it is better to practice caution in any field or area. For example, that guy who bought two pizzas for his Bitcoin did not consider the principle of foresight in keeping and saving of asset completely. In today’s world, that the passing of ages had given us a lot of experience in different markets, it is no longer smart to get into or out of a market out of the blue and cause ourselves to regret our decision later. However, after all, the evolutionary path of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a very interesting path and has had a lot of ebbs and flows in this short amount of time and they are still in their beginning. We should wait for their growth, maturation, and future.

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