131 New Whales Join Ethereum Network

131 New Whales Join Ethereum Network

  • Binance fined 3 million dollars over illegal operations in the Netherlands. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Eight-day hackathon planned at one of Asia’s biggest Blockchain events. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Bitcoin holders are leaving their coins untouched. “Coin Telegraph”

  • The crypto industry in Paraguay is set to get a significant regulatory upgrade. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Some expect the Indian government to take a second look at its crypto tax law. “Coin Telegraph”

  • Britain’s top financial regulator says the US and UK will deepen ties on crypto regulation. “Bitcoin News”

  • Australia’s central bank governor says that privately issued tokens could be better than CBDCs. “Coin Desk”

  • 131 new whales join Ethereum network as ETH price recovers. “U Today”

  • 70,000 transactions registered on the Blockchain network of Dogecoin in the past 24 hours. “U Today”

  • Coinbase has secured approval to offer crypto services in Italy. “Coin Telegraph”